What is the "authoring system"?

The authoring system is intended to create new subject areas. It works as follows:

  • Create subject area
  • Create terms (pictures) with distractors and guidance texts
  • Build training units
  • Compile training templates.

The authoring system will be available with 3 authorizations:

  • local (for individual therapists, data can be copied between individual patients)
  • global for users from therapists for therapists)
  • system-wide (aphavox administration)

Tasks of the authoring system:

  • Creation of released templates and subject areas with all Images etc. according to access rights (see above).
  • Integration of patient-personal images by photo with the tablet or upload from a camera.
  • Speech by the local therapist using the standard microphone.
    (The automatic audition of the guidance texts is also possible, but the guidance texts spoken by the therapist are preferable).

There will be a list of user templates created by therapists that can be used globally. The templates created with the authoring system can be made generally accessible here.

The possibility of a "donation / remuneration" to the author by the user is planned.

The authoring system is planned for the 1st quarter of 2020.

What does the authoring system cost?
The authoring system is free of charge.

Online training is required to ensure that all therapists can use templates.
This training is offered by aphavox easy as interactive internet training at monthly intervals.
The training is free.

The dates for the training courses can be found here. Here you will also find the registration form. The training courses are limited to approx. 10 participants.