aphavox.easy is a WebApp. What does this mean for the user?

A WebApp is an application that runs in a browser. How do you proceed?

  • The user opens up a browser on his end device (details below) (currently only Chrome from Google, others in preparation).
  • Then the user enters the URL (= destination address on the Internet at which the aphavox application can be found). This URL will be passed on to the therapist / patient with the license by email.
  • Due to the identical availability of a single browser on all end device platforms, aphavox.easy runs on all these devices


equipment /
applicable operating systems

Suitability therapist app

Suitability patient app

PC / laptop

PC / laptop
  • input and output devices (microphone / loudspeaker) are integrated.
  • Headphones with microphone and mouse recommended for use.
  • Touch-sensitive screen (touchscreen) recommended.
  • MS Windows in the current version.

Well suited

Well suited

  • input and output devices (microphone / loudspeaker) and touchscreen are integrated.
  • Android operating system (Google),
  • iOS operating system (Apple)

Well suited

Very well suited, recommendation

  • Input and output devices (microphone / loudspeaker) and touch screen are integrated.
  • Screen size and controls, however, are very small.
  • Android operating system (Google),
  • iOS operating system (Apple)

Currently only suitable as an emergency solution.

The corresponding adjustment will take place in the course of the second quarter of 2020.

Suitable for exercises by mobile patients on the go. Particularly suitable for "confrontational naming".

The user must have the fine motor skills necessary to operate.


Applicable operating systems / platforms

  • MS-Windows (Microsoft) in the current version
  • Tablets / Smartphones with Android operating system (Google)
  • Tablets / Smartphones with iOS operating system (Apple)