Use by the therapist

aphavox.easy consists of two programs that are made available over the Internet

  • the therapist WebApp
  • the patient WebApp


  • The therapist WebApp is required by the therapist to put together the exercises for his patients.
  • These exercises are then available online and can only be practiced with a patient web app.
  • The patient buys a license to use aphavox.easy. The license is provided with a code. The patient transmits this code to the therapist. The therapist can use the code to activate the exercises that he has created for the patient.
  • The patient then opens up his patient WebApp and can - as planned by the therapist - carry out his exercises. His speech input was heard by the speech recognition software and rated "that's right" or "I didn't hear the right word".
  • The course and results of the exercises are automatically recorded and made available to the therapist.

In this way, the patient practices the pre-planned exercises between two appointments with the therapist and aphavox.easy automatically reports his progress back to the therapist. He can then adjust the exercises in accordance with the course of therapy in the next session and plan further steps.

How do I get the therapist WebApp?

The therapist web app is free. You can get the therapist WebApp here hier.

Is the feedback to the patient reliable?

In a large-scale comparison between automatic and natural speech recognition it could be shown that the answers of the two recognition systems do not differ. The feedback to the patient is reliable.

Basically, however, this should always be tried out with each individual patient.