Use with the patient

aphavox consists of two programs that are made available over the Internet:

  • the therapist web app
  • the patient web app


The patient web app can only perform exercises that were previously compiled for this patient by the therapist web app .


Before the patient can practice, he has bought a license and communicated the license code received to the therapist.

  • As soon as the therapist has entered this license code, prepared exercises can be practiced by this patient or new exercises can be put together for this patient.
  • The patient can perform the exercises created for him by the therapist immediately after calling up the patient WebApp. The use of the patient web app requires an online connection via the Internet (e.g. WLAN).
  • When the patient exercises, his speech input is heard by the speech recognizer and judged with "that is correct" or "I unfortunately did not hear the correct word".
  • The course and results of the exercises are automatically recorded and made available to the therapist.

In this way, the patient practices the pre-planned exercises with the therapist between two appointments and aphavox.easy automatically reports his progress back to the therapist. He can then adjust the exercises in accordance with the course of therapy in the next session and plan further steps.

How do I get the patient web app?

The patient web app is available here.